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Limited Run T-Shirt

Image of Limited Run T-Shirt

$12.00 - On Sale

So you've heard nonstop talk about the Rock Opera for over a year now. There have been very rough drafts and samples played in some preview videos. We even announced the release of a chiptunes album. The comic itself has shifted it's entire focus to the plot of the Rock Opera, and there will eventually be a comic book to be released in the future to go along with it as well.

Bruceman's 2011 is going to be huge. For years, Bruceman was a comedic character and was a satire of popular Superheroes, but this year begins the start of transitioning the man into a real character worth rooting for.

So if you're a fan of Bruceman for all of these years, or are a fan of the band Gunday Monday, this t-shirt is a good way to begin your support on the project.

Currently we're doing a very limited run of these shirts. Sixty-Five of them will be available, and all profits go back into the Rock Opera's funding. Not one of us will be seeing a dime until all investments are paid off. This means, as I'm sure you can understand and relate to, we're doing this collaborative project because:
1) We are passionate about it.
2) We believe in it.
3) We want to do it.

Because it is a limited run, there are a few things you have to understand. We can't really do international sales, with the possible exclusion of Canada... We're sorry, we don't want to, but we're just unable to do that right now, and it also means we only have certain sizes available.

Need a size chart?
Here's one!

The price for one shirt is: $15 + $3.99 for shipping/handling